Josh Troop, CHC


Josh Troop is a seasoned healthtech executive with 25 years in sales and marketing across acute, ambulatory, behavioral health, LTC, and payer segments. At Troop-Creative, Josh focuses on healthcare commercial strategy & execution for start-ups in medical devices, SaaS, and Clinical AI sectors. Josh applies practical approaches to drive growth and scale in complex regulatory markets with an emphasis on data-driven go-to-market strategy for private equity and venture-backed firms.


The Parallels and Peculiarities of Selling Clinical AI Into Hospitals


Dive into the intricate world of healthcare technology sales with “The Parallels and Peculiarities of Selling Clinical AI Into Hospitals.” This talk goes beyond basic Go-To-Market strategies to confront the real challenges of introducing Clinical AI solutions into the complex US healthcare system. Learn from first-hand experiences that even access to healthcare leaders doesn’t guarantee a sale, and why the journey often involves setting realistic expectations, making timely pivots, and mastering complex solution selling. We’ll explore why simply showcasing technological prowess isn’t enough—success demands in-depth understanding of targeted customer profiles, effective thought leadership, and navigating the influence of venture capital which alone won’t close deals. Discover the critical importance of securing and leveraging the first few referenceable clients, the necessity of quick deployment and adoption for long-term success, and how vigilant account management can make or break the sustained impact of your solution. Furthermore, understand the competitive dynamics that can swiftly undermine your market position, highlighting the constant need to adapt and re-affirm value to your clients.

This session is essential for anyone involved in the lifecycle of healthcare technology, from developers and data scientists to marketers and executives. It emphasizes that success in healthcare AI requires agility across all disciplines. Developers and data scientists will learn how their continuous innovations and adjustments respond to real-world feedback, often channeled through sales and marketing insights. This dynamic interaction shapes the product’s evolution and market fit, highlighting the necessity of being adaptable in both product development and strategic approaches. Join us to explore how every role contributes to navigating and succeeding in the complex healthcare market, ensuring that our technologies not only reach but also effectively serve and transform patient care.