Master Implementation Strategies for AI Product Development

Asheville, NC | July 19

one-day, single-track conference
For product people tasked with AI projects
Focused on AI implementation strategies and techniques
The Collider
1 Haywood Street, Suite 401
Asheville, NC 28801
Fourth floor above the old Wells Fargo office. Near the drum circle park.

AI in Production

AI in Production is a one-day, single-track conference designed for product teams and software developers tasked with building AI products, offering guidance on best practices and starting points.

This community event brings together professionals to exchange ideas, learn about the latest AI practices and tools, and discuss their applications and limitations with industry leaders and peers in AI and software development.

Join us to learn, network, gain inspiration, and shape the future of AI in business and applications.

Hear Talks at the Forefront of GenAI and Its Applications

Deployment and Practical Use of GenAI

Gain insights on deploying GenAI models effectively, focusing on practical implementation and industry-specific applications.

GenAI in Application Development

Understand how GenAI can be integrated into software development, showcasing new patterns and UI strategies.

Data Science and AI Model Training

Learn about the role of data quality and effective model training frameworks in GenAI development.

GenAI and Ethics

Explore the ethical landscape of GenAI, with practical strategies for building responsible technology.

The Conference Will Feature

Practical Presentations

Speakers focused on practical applications of AI in business and software development.

Real Business Use Cases

Discover ways to integrate AI for streamlined business operations.

Interactive Lightning Talks

Share and learn from peers in quick, attendee-led presentations.

Birds of a Feather Discussions

Dedicated space for impromptu gatherings to go deeper into shared topics of interest.

AI Tooling

Explore the latest advancements in AI tools, technologies and techniques.

Small Intimate Atmosphere

Enjoy a relaxed, single-track schedule designed for ample interaction and networking.

Inclusive community

A welcoming environment for all backgrounds and skill levels.

Downtown Convenience

In the heart of Asheville, close to cafes, restaurants, tap rooms, music, and top hotels.


Full refunds are available with no questions asked until COB June 14, 2024. After that ticket transfers will be possible until July 12, 2024.


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How to convince your boss

Need to get approval to attend? Here’s a template to help you get the green light. Customize it to fit your needs and ask your favorite LLM to polish it further.

Subject: Opportunity to Boost the ROI of Our AI Projects at AI in Production Conference

Hey {{Boss}},

I wanted to talk to you about the AI in Production Conference in Asheville on July 19th. It’s a one-day event focused on practical AI applications and tools that can make a big impact on our projects. Here’s why I think it’s worth attending:

Get Hands-On insights: The talks and workshops are all about practical ways to apply AI in business and software development, so we could pick up strategies to directly help improve our projects.

Networking with Experts: There are top-notch speakers like Christina Entcheva from GitHub and Obie Fernandez from Olympia and others sharing their experiences building real world products. Plus, interactive talks mean I’ll get a chance to discuss ideas with other professionals and get tips we can use.

Real-World Use Cases: The case studies will show exactly how others are using AI to streamline their products workflows. I’m confident I’ll come back with new ideas we can apply to our {{current or upcoming projects}}.

Explore New AI Techniques: They’ll showcase the latest AI tools and techniques that can help us work more efficiently and create better products..

Shared Learning: After the conference, I’ll share my key takeaways with the team so we can all benefit. Perhaps we can send several people from the team..

Here’s a quick cost breakdown:.

  • Registration Fee: $99
  • Travel & Accommodation: {{travel_cost}}
  • Total estimated cost is {{total_cost}}

Attending this event could bring fresh insights that we can use immediately to make our AI projects successful. Let me know what you think, and I’m happy to discuss further!.




Some of the speakers we've announced so far.

Subject to change.

  • Obie Fernandez


    Patterns of Application Development Using AI

    • Christina Entcheva


      Ethics in technology: History, practice, and mitigation

      • Richard Decal

        Dendra Systems

        Data Curation: Transforming Bytes into AI Gold

        • Don Shin

          CrossComm, Inc.

          Computers That “Get It”: Using LLMs to Give Software Semantic Understanding

          • Sujay S Kumar


            Training Large Deep Learning Models: PyTorch vs JAX

            • Josh Troop, CHC


              The Parallels and Peculiarities of Selling Clinical AI Into Hospitals

              • Kevin Ball


                The Extract/Validate/Extrapolate Loop

                • Hannes Hapke


                  Deploying Large Language Models with Ease

                  • Michael Bell

                    Sullivan on Comp

                    From Treatise to Tech: The Development of ChatSOC, an AI Research Assistant

                    • J. Mark Locklear

                      Extension Foundation

                      ExtensionBot: A Domain Specific Generative AI Tool for the Cooperative Extension Service



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