Obie Fernandez


Obie Fernandez began his career as a professional programmer in the early ’90s. From Java to Ruby, Lean Startup, Serverless, and now AI, Obie’s expertise and forward-thinking attitude has consistently placed him on the bleeding edge of innovation. As the author of “The Rails Way,” his contributions to the Ruby on Rails community are widely recognized and respected. Obie’s role as CTO on the founding team of Andela, along with successful entrepreneurial exits, underscores his leadership and business acumen. His latest venture, Olympia, provides AI-powered virtual consulting.


Patterns of Application Development Using AI


Taking advantage of AI components can transform an application developer’s workflow into an incredibly potent force, capable of competing at an unprecedented scale. This presentation draws on practical real-world experience gained by the presenter over the last 12 months of developing We will explore practical approaches ranging from real-time data analysis to automated customer support. The emphasis is on new approaches that let application developers focus more than ever on innovation and creativity.

Attendees will leave with a roadmap for integrating AI tools and techniques into their projects, insights into the potential pitfalls and best practices, and inspiration to explore the boundaries of what a single developer or a small team can achieve with the right tools. The presenter is a well-known Ruby on Rails expert and his latest book, “Patterns of Application Development Using AI” is the definitive tome on the subject.